Democratising Knowledge

Plenary Session

How can KQ organisations share their knowledge with the media, policy-makers and the wider public, and what are the risks and rewards of doing so? This first plenary session will be a panel discussion on the need for democratising knowledge, and how enhanced collaboration between interested parties can knock down the ivory towers.

Expect a wide-ranging discussion, with award-winning journalist Luke Harding, the scientist and author Professor Sunetra Gupta, diversity and inclusion guru Sandra Shakespeare, Southban Centre’s new Creative Director Madani Younis, and Monocle’s Senior Editor Robert Bound as we explore the unique challenges of our century, as well as the eternal conundrums that plague the knowledge industries. Does the twenty-first century offer new paradigms for the democratisation of knowledge, or is the fracturing of debate harming our discourse and our ability to communicate?

Speakers and Chair:

  • Robert Bound, Senior Editor, Monocle
  • Luke Harding, foreign correspondent, The Guardian
  • Madani Younis, Creative Director, Southbank Centre
  • Professor Sunetra Gupta, novelist, essayist and Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology, Oxford University
  • Sandra Shakespeare, Co-founder, Museum Detox

This session is being delivered by the Knowledge Quarter.

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