Current Approaches to Sharing Knowledge: Tales from the KQ

Lightning Talks

In these short presentations, we plan to look at case studies of the Knowledge Quarter’s innovative work at the cutting edge of knowledge-sharing. The goal of the session is to offer an informative guided tour, rich with visual data, through our current and planned approaches between partners, peers and the public. 

With detailed input from the British Library, the Royal Veterinary College, Briffa, the Royal College of Physicians, Arup, British Land and Bennetts Associates, we will take a tour through the power of data-driven art curation, models for legal services delivery, computational modelling and virtual reality, with rapid-fire deep dives into issues surrounding a diverse set of KQ partners.  These concise and efficient talks promise to grab your attention and leave you inspired.

Lightning Talks selected:

Imaginary Cities: A new data-driven art exhibition at the British Library 

by Mahendra Mahay, British Library

Imaginary Cities was developed in collaboration with British Library Labs, an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and British Library funded project that inspires and facilitates use of the Library’s digital collections and data in exciting, innovative new ways. Since the One Million Images from Scanned Books collection was released into the public domain five years ago, it has received over one billion views and sparked a wealth of creative responses. Imaginary Cities perfectly showcases how open and free access to the British Library’s images has stimulated creativity and new research. It has led to the development of inventive, born-digital and analogue cultural outputs designed for 21st-century audiences.

RVC: more than just super-vets! 

by Richard Bomphrey, Royal Veterinary College

Biological and veterinary research influences cutting-edge technology and vice-versa. Find out about medical, engineering and architecture-linked projects. Hear how RVC’s research is relevant for both people and animals, including the latest developments in drone technology, GPS tracking, teaching for surgery, and even improving our understanding of dementia.

How we revolutionise the delivery of legal service by sharing knowledge and empowering business 

by Margaret Briffa, Briffa

Knowledge is power but sharing it has been more powerful for us than keeping it to ourselves. In our field knowledge is easy to acquire and from many sources. Our edge is in knowledge application, both on our journey with businesses we work with and to the wider public.

Inspiring women physicians: creating a virtual reality gallery 

by Corinne Harrison, Royal College of Physicians

Seeking ways to reveal the hidden stories contained in the neglected collection of portrait photographs at the Royal College of Physicians, I attended a Museum-University Partnership Initiative match event in 2017. There I met Dr Li Jin, from the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Westminster. From that meeting a prototype virtual reality gallery was created to showcase the photographs of women physicians who would otherwise not see themselves on the walls of the RCP.

20 Targets for 2022 

by Peter Fisher, Bennetts Associates

At Bennetts Associates, we have been at the forefront of sustainability since the architectural practice was founded in 1987 by Rab and Denise Bennetts. This session will present the 20 sustainability goals we have set for 2022 targeting our business operations, the designs we create, how we treat our staff and the communities within which we work.

Building for Knowledge in the 21st Century

by Juliette Morgan, British Land

What are the best environments for knowledge workers? Is it about space or attitude, or both? Exploring the need for collaboration and quiet, and looking into some of the history of the area, this lightning talk will look into whether the future of work is really the history of work.

This session is being delivered by the Knowledge Quarter.

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