The future of knowledge through the eyes of the future

Parallel Session

This session is an opportunity for the core conference theme to be explored with a group of secondary school and sixth form students. Regent High School prides itself on its membership of the Knowledge Quarter (KQ), not only because of the opportunities this affords students and staff but also because of the potential for students to support the broader conversation about what is knowledge, how is it constructed, owned, managed, and what might it look like in the future. Many students at Regent High School will one day work in KQ organisations, bringing their enthusiasm and unique perspectives to these organisations: this session is envisaged as being an opportunity to channel this enthusiasm for a wide-ranging discussion about knowledge production and dissemination.

Alongside the students from Regent High School, representatives from KQ organisations and the community will be part of the panel – allowing for the broadest of conversations to take place.

This session is being delivered by Knowledge Quarter partner Regent High School

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