Heritage, Culture, Knowledge (some missing!) and Cutting-Edge Technology by Dr. Jim Walsh

When building Conway Hall in 1929, the bronze bust of Moncure Conway went missing and the building’s entrance niche was left empty for 87 years. In 2016, however, a 3D print bronze-effect bust of Conway was unveiled, courtesy of a year-long project to restore this missing piece of heritage. In June 2017, the story continued with the launching of the publically available 3D print software of the bust thanks to Conway Hall, Dickinson College (Philadelphia, USA) and My Mini Factory’s Scan The World project.

Innovation Management in an Arts University: From Thinking Hats to Changing Mindsets by Alcinda Lee and Andrew Robert Bellofatto

For one thing, taking an innovation major in an arts university enables students to each develop their own characters. This year, students taking the Masters in Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins will be hosting an exhibition themed around four global tensions. The four tensions are digital and physical, profit and preservation, now and the future, and order and chaos.

Addressing Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace by Dr Bev Flint and Dr Lisa Cohen

You can’t turn on the television or scroll through Facebook these days without the topic of mental health being featured. Whether the focus is NHS funding or our young royals doing their bit to help reduce stigma, it is everywhere. We know that one in four of us will experience a mental health problem in our lifetime, whilst recent research suggests that as many as 77% of employees said they had experienced symptoms of poor mental health at some point in their lives.

Dementia is an existential issue by Mark Goodwin

Students of existential philosophy will be familiar with Jean-Paul Sartre’s pronouncement that “existence precedes essence”: you can’t reduce the infinitely complex, unique qualities of an individual (a human existence) to some crude stereotype, like the “white van man” of our popular journalism.

Media Collaborations: The Joshua Reynolds ‘twitter tour’ interview with Simone Stewart

In this interview, Simone Stewart provides an example of media collaborations that she developed at The Wallace Collection. This project could set an example on how to explore and facilitate cross sector collaborations through social media within the Knowledge Quarter.

The Alan Turing Institute: Making great leaps in data science for the common good by Shana Tufail

Shana Tufail, communications and marketing manager, presents the vision and mission of the Alan Turing Institute. In her blog she provides an insight into what data science is and invites all Knowledge Quarter partners to engage with the newly-created national institute, in order to opens opportunities and potential for collaboration across sectors.

Funding Ideas and Pioneers for Social Change: A Paul Hamlyn Foundation Initiative

The Ideas & Pioneers Fund supports individuals with unusual or radical ideas at the earliest stage of development; to enable scoping, exploration and the necessary development work prior to launching and testing a new approach or venture.

How do we build trust between cultures? by Amina Yaqin and Peter Morey

A fascinating blog in which Amina Yaqin and Peter Morey, from SOAS University, illustrate the Muslims, Trust and Dialogue project (MTCD). They develop a theoretical framework and present practical case studies, exploring how building trust between cultures places mutual responsibility on participants in an open dialogue.

Cello Unwrapped by Helen Wallace

A fascinating blog by Helen Wallace, creative consultant at Kings Place Music Foundation, that brings us on a personal and historical discovery of the cello, giving us a hint of the different voices captured in the coming festival "Cello Unwrapped" at Kings Place.

5 Years On: In Conversation by Teleri Lloyd-Jones

On Friday 14 October, various King’s Cross neighbours sat down to a roundtable discussion on the area’s recent and future development to mark 5 years since Central Saint Martins’ relocation.